Saturday, January 1, 2011

Difference b/w Rote & Conceptual Training

Learing can be of two types:
  1. Rote Learning
  2. Conceptual Learning
Rote Learning means cramming up/ mugging up things. Conceptual Learning means deeper understanding. Most of the students learn things by rote and thinks they understands them but in reality they only know them. There is difference b/w knowing and understanding, in knowing we are concerned with, "What is?" but in understanding we are concerned with not only with "what is?" but also with "how is?" and "why is?".
To illustrate the my point in the context of Java Training, let me give you an example:
All Java Programmers and Students know that main() method in java has void as return type but do they really understand why it is so, or do they ever think about it.
In Java main() method has following signature:
public static void main(String arr[]) {...}
In C/C++, main()  function can have void as well as int as its return type:
  1. void main() {...}
  2. int main() {...}

now my question is this, why main() method of Java has only void as its return type, when main() function of C/C++ can have both void as well as int.

this question takes the reader to the conceptual learning.
If you are interested in finding out the answer of this question and many more such interested things, keep on reading...
Neeraj Kumar
Tech Mentro
Noida, India.