Monday, January 3, 2011

how to find best institute for 6 months project training

In the months of January, Students of MCA, BCA and B.Tech starts their search for six months final year project training. Usually students search the web for finding out training. In recent years, a plethora of institutes and companies have cropped up to cater to the needs of students. Some of them are really good but most of them are really waste of time and money.
following things should be considered by the students while looking for a training company:
1. Experience and Training Skills of the trainer are the most important factors of a training program. Students should ask interaction with the trainer and if possible must attend demo class.
2. Feedback of existing students is another factor that students should take into consideration i.e. if you are looking for training in an institute than you must interact with the students to find out actual picture.
3. In most of the training institutes and compnies, basic part of the course is handled sufficiently by the trainers but in advnace topics and project implementation they flounder so student need to do through analysis before joining a institue.
4. Students must not be fooled by group discounts or service tax discounts or job assurances offered by institutes because if training is not upto the mark nothing shall help and by the way discount of Rs. 500/ or 1000/ or fee difference of such magnitude doesn't matter in the context of career.
5. Now a days, a lot of free classified sites have cropped up which are used by training companies to post their ads, in these ads they makes claims to be the best, students must not be fooled by these ads.

6. A lot of institutes claim to offer experience certificates, most of these certificates are worthless because the companies of which certificates are offered are spurious i.e. they don't exist. students must check the details of these companies from the site of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Goverment of India

7. Most of the training institute/companies claim to provide 100% job guarantee, students must think twice before joining such institutes because job are not earned by money but by skills, so they should focus on getting skills, job shall take care of itself.

Keep hunting guys...,

On my part, I invite all of you, to come to tech mentro, attend demo, interact with existing students and leave your comments on our quality and offerings.
Neeraj Kumar