Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer training in Android

Android is an open platform for developing mobile and tablet applications in java. It consist of O/S (a flavor of linux), a run time environment for executing applications and an API for developing applications. The API (set of classes and interfaces) is developed in java hence Java is a prerequisite for android development.

With technological advancement (both software and hardware) in the last 5 to 6 years, mobiles have become computing powerhouses and supports multitude of applications.  Per day thousands of new applications are being developed world over for smart phones and Android is leading the pack.

In the time to come, Android will be supported by other platforms such as TV, Web, Still & Video Cameras and many more. The adoption of Android world over by all leading mobile and other electronic device manufacturers bode well for its future. Android has catapulted Samsung to the number one slot of smart phone developer world over. In future, there is going to be a great demand for android professionals.

Learning android is easy for Java as well as .Net developers. It provides a very powerful and easy to learn API in Java which can be learned in just two months. Being a short course, it is ideally suited for summer training.

All engineering students who have knowledge of core java can opt Android as a career option by completing summer training in Android.

We at Tech Mentro provide, Summer Training in Android covering the core as well as advance part in detail. All applications are tested and deployed on actual devices in addition to simulator. After the completion of the training, students can develop sophisticated applications for real devices as their projects.